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Re: Problem adding the ldif files. Password attr doesn't coincide.

what you see when you use slapcat is the binary (base64 encoded) version
of the userpassword attribute. the reason you cant see the userpassword
attribute when using the ldapsearch tool is probably because you have an
acl in your slapd.conf that restricts access to it. This is quite
normal. try using ldapsearch and binding as your rootdn ie:

ldapsearch -xWD <your rootdn here> uid=<foo>

check your slapd.conf for acl rules (access to....)


On Thu, 2003-09-11 at 10:01, Albert Ricart wrote:
> Hi, i've been told to install some LDAP authentication on a local
> system to learn its use, and i have this problem:
> I think i do the previous steps fine, and then I generate the ldif
> files, using the migration-tools (btw, I'm on Debian testing), if I
> look into the ldif files I can see the userPassword field its ok
> (crypt)blablabla.... but then i add it to the database using
> ldapadd... everything "seems" to be fine.. but if I do a slapcat of
> the entire database, on the userPassword attribute there is something
> more strange, without (crypt) and all that, and qhen I ldapsearch for
> a user, it doesn't even show me the userPasswd attribute.
> Please, can somebody tell me what i did wrong??
> Thank you, i don't know what info you may need, so ask.
> Good bye.
Greg Matthews
iTSS Wallingford	01491 692445