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Problem adding the ldif files. Password attr doesn't coincide.

Hi, i've been told to install some LDAP authentication on a local system to learn its use, and i have this problem:
I think i do the previous steps fine, and then I generate the ldif files, using the migration-tools (btw, I'm on Debian testing), if I look into the ldif files I can see the userPassword field its ok (crypt)blablabla.... but then i add it to the database using ldapadd... everything "seems" to be fine.. but if I do a slapcat of the entire database, on the userPassword attribute there is something more strange, without (crypt) and all that, and qhen I ldapsearch for a user, it doesn't even show me the userPasswd attribute.
Please, can somebody tell me what i did wrong??
Thank you, i don't know what info you may need, so ask.
Good bye.