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Re: multiple bases?


"Douglas B. Jones" <douglas@gpc.edu> writes:

> Hi,
> I know it has been a while, but I am just now getting back to this.
> To have multiple bases, do they have to be different types? In other
> words can I have two bdb in the slapd.conf? If not, it appears that
> there is a limit on the number of domains per ldap/port installation.
> I could not have ldap.d1.edu, ldap.d2.edu, ldap.d3.com and so on? Does
> this make sense?

If we are talking about installation on a single host, you have to
distinguish between server instances and databases. That is, you can
either run multiple slapd's listening on different ports, or you can
run one slapd instance listening on a single port with multiple
database declarations of the same type, which you may glue.

Quite frankly, i don't get your intention, so please explain more
detailed what you are aiming at.


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