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RE: multiple bases?


I know it has been a while, but I am just now getting back to this.
To have multiple bases, do they have to be different types? In other
words can I have two bdb in the slapd.conf? If not, it appears that
there is a limit on the number of domains per ldap/port installation.
I could not have ldap.d1.edu, ldap.d2.edu, ldap.d3.com and so on? Does
this make sense?


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"Douglas B. Jones" <douglas@gpc.edu> writes:

> Hi,
> Can you have more than one BASE (ldap.conf)? There are two
> reasons I am asking this.
> 1) many places might be host to more than on entity. It would
>    be nice if you could handle multiple bases

You might have multiple bases or you may have a distributed
base. That is, either dc=example,dc=com, dc=example,dc=net, which you
make available by a meta database, or a distributed base like
ou=bookkeeping,dc=exmaple,dc=com, ou=marketing,dc=example,dc=com,
which you make available by referrals.
And you may have multiple hosts and bases defined in ldap.conf.

> 2) creation of entries. From what I can tell, to create an entry
>    I need the rootpw (slapd.conf). If I have multiple entities,
>    I do not want one to have the others' rootpw.

rootdn and rootpw is set per database definition. If you have multiple
databases defined in your slapd.conf, you have to declare rootdn and
rootpw for each database.


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