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Re: Interoperability with MS Software

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From: "Samier Kesou" <samier.kesou@unilog.de>

> we plan to integrate an ldap directory service.
> for that we are looking for pro's and con's for the
> diffrent directory services available.
> One important point still is:
> does MS software integrate into OpenLDAP
> directly without using a AD-OpenLDAP Proxy of some sort :

Yes it does integrate.  We use VJ++ with Microsoft ADSI and LDAP enabled ADO
to talk to openldap servers.  These components are not naturally thread-safe
so multi-threaded applications need special precautions.

There is a microsoft LDAP C API that works better than ADO and ADSI but is
slightly more difficult to use.  It is threadsafe.

Microsoft ASP and scripting languages can talk to opeldap with no problems.

C# natively connects to openldap and is very fast.