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RE: Question about Cygwin OpenLDAP

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> Thank-you for replying...

> Wow, even though I compiled OpenLDAP server with the
> --without-threads
> flag there are threads being created, saw five threads running.

> Interesting, so on cygwin, does the --without-threads even have an
> effect?  Because when I do not use --without-threads the server hangs
> when exiting.  BTW I am using the pure cygwin compile, not with the
> mingw patches.

The Cygwin DLL spawns a number of threads to assist in its emulation of Unix
functionality. The slapd server will not spawn any threads of its own when
built --without-threads. The threads that the Cygwin DLL spawns are invisible
to the slapd code; the slapd built --without-threads will service only one
request at a time.

The port of OpenLDAP for Cygwin has not been supported by anyone in quite a
long time. If you feel like debugging the problem, please do and let us (and
the Cygwin maintainers) know what you find. In the meantime, the MinGW
version is known to work correctly without any of the overhead imposed by the
Cygwin DLL.

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