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Re: Problems with access directive

--On Thursday, September 04, 2003 1:55 PM -0700 "Timothy R. Robnett" <tim@robnett.net> wrote:

* Timothy R. Robnett <tim@robnett.net> [030904 12:07]:
* suomi hasler <schlubediwup@ayni.com> [030904 11:12]:
> Hi Tim
> remember that the access directives are applied from the begin of your
> slapd.conf down to the end and whichever matches first is applied. So
> if  the access to below happens to be the first one applied, then
> access  gets restricted according to this access to directive.

I got it working, I need some more practive but thanks again Suomi for getting me pointed in the correct direction.


You could have replaced "by * none" with "by * break" to get it to continue processing past that point. That is generally how we set up our ACL's here @ Stanford. I will be putting up some web pages on how we designed/implemented our OpenLDAP service, but it'll be a bit before they are up.


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