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Re: Problems with access directive

* suomi hasler <schlubediwup@ayni.com> [030904 11:12]:
> Hi Tim
> remember that the access directives are applied from the begin of your 
> slapd.conf down to the end and whichever matches first is applied. So if 
> the access to below happens to be the first one applied, then access 
> gets restricted according to this access to directive.
> if for a DN you want to give full access then you need to have an access 
> to directive before this one which opens everything. but do not forget, 
> that potentially everybody needs to have auth access to the entire 
> directory in order to get a higher access right class.
> if you apply the access to below to a user who has identified himself 
> against the directory (i.e. who is a "user") then this one will have no 
> access to nothing (by * none),  because he does not belong to self and 
> to anonymous neither.

Thanks for the info. Perhaps this is one where I could learn by the
example of others. Are there any samples of working configs posted on the
Net somewhere? 

Timothy R. Robnett

"He does not posses wealth that allows it to possess him."
--Benjamin Franklin