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Re: Solaris 7 client

Sun would say that, yes.
I don't have any built in a redistributable form, but the padl.com
nss_ldap and pam_ldap stuff works fine with Solaris 7.  Works well with
Solaris 8 also, as long as you can get past Sun's irritating habit of
overwriting your libraries and configuration during patch installs.

Joshua Bernstein said:
> Hey Greg,
> 	According to Sun Solaris 7 clients are simply unable to use LDAP as a
> naming service. If you want the libpam-ldap and libnss-ldap libraries
> to try to get them to work for Solaris 7, all I can say is good luck!
> You are correct in that you don't need the BerkleyDB stuff for the
> client PADL libraries... I'd really suggest upgrading them to 9, or at
> the very least 8. Solaris 8 clients have the ldapclient commands as
> well.
> -Josh
> On Wednesday, August 27, 2003, at 06:07  AM, Greg Wilson wrote:
>> Hi all,
>> I know this is a bit cheeky, but does anyone have a tarball for a
>> pre-compiled solaris 7 & solaris 2.6 sparc based client build for
>> openLDAP 2.2.22.
>> Just I don't have all the Berkley DB and stuff on the machines I need
>> to get the client working on.  The only solaris 9 machine we have
>> works fine with Sun's ldapclient and ldaplist tools to talk to my RH9
>> openldap server.
>> Thanks if anyone can help
>> Greg
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> -Joshua Bernstein
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