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Native Solaris 9 client, Solaris 8 OpenLdap server

Ok, basically here's the scenario..

Solaris 9 native client, using TLS
SOlaris 8 server on openldap 2.0.23 (i think), I've updated the
schemas..haven't patched, that didn't seem necessarry..

Clear text -- everything works great, no delay

If I use the command "listusers" -- seems to work fine, I get results
returned no delay

If I do an "id" command there is a delay -- it connects to the LDAP
server, doesn't appear to do anything, then disconnects -- in syslog on
the client says: (my bind timeout is 3 seconds)

Aug 25 14:34:31 solaris-9-dev id[4554]: [ID 293258 user.error] libsldap:
Status: 85  Mesg: openConnection: simple bind failed - Timed out
Aug 25 14:34:34 solaris-9-dev last message repeated 1 time
Aug 25 14:34:34 solaris-9-dev id[4554]: [ID 293258 user.error] libsldap:
Status: 7  Mesg: Session error no available conn.

The important thing to note is this works fine with solaris 8 using
openldap, linux using openldap, solaris 9 in clear text, it just delays
on solaris 9 using the "id" command...

When using TLS it appears to do one part of it
wants to look up, but apparently fails the other.. for example:

bash-2.05# id user
uid=4002 gid=5003

but normally it should look like

bash-2.05# id user
uid=4002(user) gid=5003

Acts completely normal if non-TLS

Any ideas?