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Re: useradd like user management

>>>>> "Terrence" == Terrence Martin <tmartin@physics.ucsd.edu> writes:

    Terrence> What are people using to add/remove entries for users
    Terrence> from their ldap directories?

    Terrence> Is there anything that will add or remove users that is
    Terrence> similar to the useradd, userdel etc tools for unix?

    Terrence> If not what are people using to manage user accounts?

I'm coding phpQLAdmin (web interface) to be as general as
possible (although more geared against a Qmail-LDAP admin
interface, it should in theory be possible to use without
Qmail-ldap - it's just untested).

For shell tools, I wrote my own because I use Kerberos, LDAP
and AFS, and there isn't any tool that can do all three in
one go...