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back_meta mapping rules

I have OpenLDAP-2.1.19 with backend meta. Rewriting rules for my three
directories work fine but I have some problems, mapping
attributes. There is one directory containing evolution addressbook,
which uses the attribute homePhone, which I want to map to
telephoneNumber. The mapping rule is
'map attribute telephoneNumber homePhone'.
This works fine, when searching for telephoneNumber I get the
homePhone value and attribute telephoneNumber.
But a view entries have an telephoneNumber attribute, when searching
now this entries I don't get any value. Just to show what I'm talking
about (meta suffix dc=L4B,dc=DE, database suffix o=avci,c=de)

an entry with homePhone attribute in the directory

ldapsearch -b "ou=adressbuch,dc=l4b,dc=de" cn=*laszl*  telephoneNumber
# xxx Laszlo, adressbuch, L4B.DE
dn: cn=xxx Laszlo,ou=adressbuch,dc=L4B,dc=DE
telephoneNumber: 040.123456

ldapsearch -b "ou=adressbuch,o=avci,c=de" cn=*laszl* homephone
# xxx Laszlo, adressbuch, avci, de
dn: cn=xxx Laszlo,ou=adressbuch,o=avci,c=de
homePhone: 040.123456

an entry with telephoneNumber attribute in the directory

ldapsearch -b "ou=adressbuch,dc=l4b,dc=de" cn=*hein telephoneNumber
# xxxx Hein, adressbuch, L4B.DE
dn: cn=xxx Hein,ou=adressbuch,dc=L4B,dc=DE
# search result
search: 5
result: 0 Success

ldapsearch -b "ou=adressbuch,o=avci,c=de" cn=*hein telephoneNumber
# xxxx Hein, adressbuch, avci, de
dn: cn=xxx Hein,ou=adressbuch,o=avci,c=de
telephoneNumber: 987654

Now, how could a mapping rule be defined that maps a real homePhone
attribute to a virtual telephoneNumber attribute, but doesn't alter a
real telephoneNumber attribute.


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