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Re: Different TLSVerifyClient possible?

For clarification, /etc/ldap.conf is the LDAP PAM configuration file.
User-only TLS directives do not belong in the OpenLDAP client ldap.conf

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Martin Lesser <admin-openldap@better-com.de> writes:

> For the slapd running on I want to reduce TLSVerifyClient to
> never so only the slapd serving the external adress strictly depends on
> a valid client-cert. Otherwise I had to generate a client-cert for each
> local service which uses ldap.

... without pam_ldap

One solution which works is to add TLS_KEY and TLS_CERT to
/etc/ldap.conf so local services querying the slapd can use the certs
defined in ldap.conf if they also use pam_ldap.

But that's IMO suboptimal.