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Re: Replication questions

cody wang said:
> -the master slapd means the oringial slapd, right? So, can I replica
> slave slapd on the same server with master slapd? Do I use the same
> port?

If you're starting out, yes, the first one will likely be your master. 
Which of a group of servers is the master is your choice, based on
slapd.conf configuration.

You cannot run two services on the same IP address and port at the same
time.  So, either you need two IP addresses on your server, use a second
box, or run the slave on another (nonstandard) port.

> -Do I need to install another OpenLDAP for slave server if it's on
> different machine? I guess I can use the same port here.

Yes, unless you share the software over NFS or something (which I don't
really recommend).  If it's a different machine, you can use the same port
as you'll be on a different IP address.

Remember that for an LDAP client to connect to your slave, it must know
the port where the server is listening.  It's usually possible to
configure your LDAP clients to use a nonstandard port for LDAP
connections, but is a bit against the grain.

> -Do I use different cn=root for replicate server? Or, does it matter?

You will copy the master (original) database over to the slave and load it
there.  You need to configure an "updatedn" on the slave to accept the
replication requests.  You need to update your master configuration to
include "replica" directives pointing to your slave, and naming the
updatedn (and its password) as the bind DN.

Read the admin manual section
http://www.openldap.org/doc/admin21/replication.html and also review the
slapd.conf directives mentioned there in the slapd.conf man page.

Alan Sparks, UNIX/Linux Systems Administrator    <asparks@doublesparks.net>