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Re: Replication questions

On Tue, Aug 12, 2003 at 10:41:50AM -0700, cody wang wrote:
> -the master slapd means the oringial slapd, right? So, can I replica
> slave slapd on the same server with master slapd? Do I use the same
> port?

They use the same port, but you can change that. But why would you need
a slave in the same machine as the master?

> -Do I need to install another OpenLDAP for slave server if it's on
> different machine? I guess I can use the same port here.

Only if you want a slave server. Think about this master-slave stuff as
if you were dealing with DNS servers (primary and secondary), that might
help you understand.

> -Do I use different cn=root for replicate server? Or, does it matter?

Do you mean rootdn? It doesn't have to be the same, it's up to you. What
matters most is the updatedn directive.