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Re: DIGEST-MD5 and CRAM-MD5 again.

Igor Karpov wrote:

Can anyone to show me what have to be changed to add this functionality?

What have you done with MD5 and what does not work?

Software versions?

Should slapd.conf still include rootpw & rootdn?

Apart from for adding the first two directory entries when you first initiate your DIT, these are (correction, should be) useless.

If not, how openldap decides
who have right to perform different actions on its tree - basing on ACLs?

You tell it how.

I'm sorry I'm asking too many questions in one letter, but I feel I'm lost
with this...

- What does the SASL bit of your slapd.conf look like?
- What do your ACLs look like?
- What are the command-line commands you are using to try to access using MD5?
- Are you using plaintext passwords in the userPassword attribute?
- Have you looked in the archives, since this has been gone through time and time again? Many have made it work (including me - you'll have to go a year or more back to find me -, Kent Soper and Alexander Lunyov - July this year.)


Tony Earnshaw

Mail: tonni@billy.demon.nl