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Re: objectClass for a mailing list in a shared address book

You might take a look at nisMailAlias with it's attribute
rfc822MailMember. I use it like this

dn: cn=labor,ou=Aliases,ou=Account,o=amaxa,c=DE
cn: labor
objectClass: nisMailAlias
objectClass: top
rfc822MailMember: forschung
rfc822MailMember: chris
rfc822MailMember: markus



On Thu, 2003-07-31 at 03:45, Kent Tong wrote:
> Dear all,
> I am setting up a shared address book using OpenLDAP 2.0.27.
> on RedHat Linux 7.3. It works fine. I can create an
> inetOrgPerson for each mail user. However, we have some
> mailing list (mail group) addresses that we would like to
> publish in the address book. Logically we shouldn't use
> inetOrgPerson for this because it is not a person at all
> (usually a mailing list represents a division or a project
> team). What objectClass should I use?
> Thanks in advance for any advice!
> -- 
> Kent Tong, Msc, MCSE, SCJP, CCSA, Delphi Certified
> Manager of IT Dept, CPTTM
> Authorized training for Borland, Cisco, Oracle, RedFlag & RedHat
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