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RE: limits of OpenLDAP

Thanks Su, 

I've a Sun Ultra SPARC III 4-processor, 64 bits, 4Gigs of ram, this is a
really well sized one, and I do about a 20-30 read per sec on peak day-time,
just several writes and updates at month, I guess there'll be no problem at



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From: Su Li [mailto:sli@rim.net] 
Sent: Miércoles, 30 de Julio de 2003 05:36 p.m.
To: Hector Miranda; openldap-software@OpenLDAP.org
Subject: RE: limits of OpenLDAP

It depend on the requirement of the performance -- how many read and write
per minute. 

In my test, I set up more that a million user and do 20 searches per second,
but I do not do a lot of updates.

Also machine configuration may be another issue. My testing machine is
Redhat Linux with 2G memory. 

Hope that helps. 

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From: Hector Miranda [mailto:hmiranda@insys-corp.com.mx]
Sent: July 30, 2003 5:52 PM
To: 'openldap-software@OpenLDAP.org'
Subject: limits of OpenLDAP

Anyone can tell me how many entries does LDAP support at most? I mean, if
somebody has seen this stuff working with, let's say, a million of entries,
and under what conditions is this possible (if it is).

Best regards!!