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Re: expiration date and limit number connection

Hi Thomas

> I hopelessly seek two attributes for an authentification with LDAP +
> Samba in PDC:
> 1°) A completion date of validity of account

I´m initiating the installation of SAMBA+LDAP, then I really don´t be sure
about, but I think that you have to use the attributes of "shadowAccount"
object class ("shadowInactive", "shadowWarning", "shadowExpire", etc) to
make it.

> 2°) A limitation of the number of simultaneous connection

This is not supported (yet) by SAMBA, I think. Windows don´t support too. I
think it´s a feature of Novell, but I remember that a few months anyone of
Samba list asked about it and one developer has commented that is a
interesting feature to implement in any future version. In the
release_notes of last versions of Samba I didn´t see any description about
it, then I think it´s not ok yet.

> because i have students and i want to limit their account to a
> expiration date and One simultaneous connection...

Me too. :-)
I have the same interests.
Best regards