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LDAP search performance problem

hi all,

while testing a little with openldap 2.1.12 i discovered a strange
behaviour when i'm using the ldapsearch command...

this is the extract of a script which i wrote. showing you the command i

/usr/local/bin/ldapsearch -x -LLL \
                -l 0 \
                -h $LDAP_SLAVE \
                -D $LDAP_USER \
                -w $LDAP_PW \
                -b $LDAP_RDN,$SMSM_LDAP_BASE \
                -f - \
                "$FILTER" $ATTRIBUTES

this command is parsing a file with round about 8000 lines and greps a
pattern and puts it into the ldapsearch command (-f) without bind for
every search (right?!). (i tried it without -f and it hangs everytime
exactly eight seconds after some lines of output - therefor i used the
-f switch assuming the delay of eight sec. was caused by the bind

the search for the 8000 patterns is taking round about 6-7 min... which
is much to long for me... the searchpattern is a string value like

what possibilities do i have to increase the performance of the lookup?
i experimented a little with indexes of the attribute i'm querying but
no noticeable speed increasment.. the host where i'm using the query is
a readonly frontend server - maybe this info helps for setting the right

thanx for your support!

mit freundlichem Gruss
best regards,

Carsten Probst

net mobile AG
Operations Department
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40470 Duesseldorf

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