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Sporadic SLURPD replication problems

Question for those with any answer.

I currently have a master/slave setup running OpenLDAP 2.22

I'm having sporadic replication problems. I set slurpd to debug mode -d 65535 to watch all requests as they came in. What I'm finding is if I make a change to the master, sometimes I'll see data sent via SLURPD to my secondary ldap server and it writes the updat as it should.

Other times I don't see anything in the debug logs and nothing is written to the slave LDAP server. The only thing I DO see is the time stamp on the /usr/local/ldap/var/replica.log.lock file is updated, but the timestamp on the /usr/local/ldap/var/replica.log file is not.

Our ldap server gets a tremendous amount of simultaneous requests, I don't know how exactly to measure it, but our slapd process on the master server runs conststent at abou 60%+ cpu. I'm not sure if load has anything to do with it.

Both ldap servers are in sync when I do these tests and I restart them both and remove all of the replog and slurpd.replog files and lock files just to be safe and it only takes a couple of requests before it fails to replicate to the slave server.

Jasen Baker
Manager - Systems Engineering
Infinity Internet