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Problem with Solaris client (again)


I´m configuring a Solaris 9 client to authenticate in on Debian LDAP
I was create one LDAP tree using the tips of Gabriel and Andreas, for users
belonging to more than one group. In Linux clients there aren´t problems:

# id
uid=1000(user1) gid=100(users)

But when I try in the Solaris client:

# id
uid=1000(user1) gid=100(users)

Anyone knows if is it necessary to use the nss_ldap of PADL site for the
correct work?
I´m recelous because I tried to compile it in my Solaris box and I had a
lot of troubles. When I finally reach compile it, my system didn´t work
more. I needed to retry the original files (/lib/nss_ldap.so.1,
/usr/lib/security/pam_ldap.so.1 and /etc/nsswitch.conf). :-(

Thanks for any help and best regards.