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ldap_result returns -1


Up until a few days ago I've been using my ldap search
tool against my ldap server with no problems. I use
the GSSAPI SASL plugin with it too. My LDAP client
library is version 2.1.2 (kind of old), and I think
that my server was probably around that version too.

Yesterday my IT person upgraded my LDAP server to the
lastest and greatest version. Now my search tool fails
against it, returning -1 from ldap_result. Actually, I
traced the error down to a failure of ber_get_next in
the function try_read1msg. Note that this problem only
happens when I use Kerberos, and not when I just
authenticate with TLS.

Could this problem be due to the fact that I'm using
such an old OpenLDAP client lib with such a new


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