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CRAM-MD5 & Digest-MD5 usage


I am need of some CRAM-MD5 advice please.  I know, I know, the admin guide
states that CRAM-MD5 is deprecated in favor of DIGEST-MD5.  However, I must
use CRAM-MD5 because it is was my project supports.

Question 1:  Is the setup/config for SASL CRAM-MD5 similar to DIGEST-MD5?
The admin guide has no info on CRAM-MD5 and the mailing list archives are
scant too.  But if it's similar to DIGEST-MD5 ...

Question 2:  Any setup/config hints?

Question 3:  What's 'better' ... secrets stored in sasldb or secrets stored
in LDAP directory (using userPassword)?  DIGEST-MD5 section in admin guide
mentions this but I don't know how it relates to CRAM-MD5.

Kent Soper

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