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Re: Changing maximun number of locker entries

Howard Chu wrote:

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From: jehan procaccia [mailto:jehan.procaccia@int-evry.fr]

However, for my personnal understanding, have you an answer to:

Where is define "the environement", in each of the .bdb file ?

It starts with __db.001. Each numbered file contains a different piece of the
BDB environment.

db_recover resets it ?


Again, I had a bdb crash (no answer from ldapsearch) . I stoped slapd, ran db_recover within the database directory, now ldapsearch works fine, however the environement seems unavailable !?
[root@corbeau /var/lib/ldap/int]
$ /usr/local/jehan/db-4.1.25.NC/bin/db_stat -c
db_stat: unable to join the environment
db_stat: DB_ENV->open: Resource temporarily unavailable

however environement files are present:
[root@corbeau /var/lib/ldap/int]
$ ls -al __db*
-rw-------    1 ldap     ldap        16384 Jul 24 14:23 __db.001
-rw-------    1 ldap     ldap     10248192 Jul 24 14:23 __db.002
-rw-------    1 ldap     ldap       270336 Jul 24 14:23 __db.003
-rw-------    1 ldap     ldap       458752 Jul 24 14:23 __db.004
-rw-------    1 ldap     ldap        16384 Jul 24 14:23 __db.005

I'am very confuse about that ! please let me know what is wrong, I also used db_* tool with -h /var/lib/ldap/int to force the Home environement -> no way :-(

I am still not confident to put 2.1.22 in production without completly control bdb and bdb tools !
Thanks a lot for your help.

When the database environement is opened ?
during slapadd and not at every slapd restart ?

All of the db_* tools and the slap* programs must open the environment to do their work. slapd/slapadd/slapcat/slapindex will create the environment if it does not exist.

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