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ldapsearch running from MS-DOS


I have a compiled version of ldapsearch for Windows, and when I attempt to run it like such:

C:\temp>ldapsearch -x -h xxx.xxx.com -p 389 -b "cn=xxx,o=yyy,c=zz" -t certificateRevocationList

...thereby retrieving CRL files from an LDAP server, the program runs fine.

However, the CRL file that is retrieved, when I try to open it in Windows, returns a pop-up saying that it is an "Invalid Certificate Revocation List File".

I looked at the binaries of the file, and when compared to a CRL file which I can open in Windows (retrieved from an LDAP browser by Softerra), I see that the difference in the binary is that where the CRL from ldapsearch has "0D 0A", the CRL from Softerra browser has "0A". Replacing 0D 0A with 0A in my ldapsearch CRL file, I can then open it in Windows.

Am I doing something wrong? I'd like for ldapsearch to retrieve a CRL file which I can open up in Windows, and in proper format.

Grateful for any comments relating to this or experience sharing.

Thank you.

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