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Errors on indexing owner and uniquemember...


In my slapd.conf I added indexes as follows (this is just the groups db, I have
4 db's) - groups is the only db that has owner and uniquemember:

database        ldbm
suffix          "ou=Groups,o=Apple"
subordinate     "o=Apple"
dbcachesize     500000000
rootdn          "cn=Manager,o=Apple"
updatedn        "cn=Manager,o=Apple"
cachesize       50000000
directory       /Volumes/bay2/ldap_db/groups
index           objectClass     eq
index           cn              eq,sub
index           givenName       eq,sub
index           mail            eq,sub
index           sn              eq,sub
index           telephonenumber eq,sub
index           owner           eq,sub
index           uniqueMember    eq,sub

With owner and uniqueMember, I get errors when starting up:

slapd.conf: line 54: substr index of attribute "owner" disallowed

slapd.conf: line 55: equality index of attribute "uniqueMember" disallowed

Why can't I index these values?! what am I missing ?