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RE: compiling 2.1.22 with db 4.0.x

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> Hi,
> Is it possible to compile the latest OpenLDAP against Sleepycat dB
> 4.0.x? If not, why? What is the latest version where this may be done?
> Tarjei

In software, anything is possible. Some things are not advisable, though.

In this case, BDB 4.0 has a number of resource leaks and other bugs that will
cause slapd to lockup after running for some period of time. I ran into these
bugs while developing back-bdb originally, and I never checked to see if they
also affect back-ldbm. It's possible, but I don't know. If you manually edit
the configure script to bypass the version check, you can use BDB 4.0 with
the latest OpenLDAP release if you really want to. But that would really be
asking for trouble.

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