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Issues with replication and slurpd

Hi all,

I cannot for the life of me get selective replication to work.
Ideally what I want to do is only replicate posixAccount information to
my replicants.  Each user has a posixAccount objectClass, as well as an
objectClass specific to our domain.  When I try to set up replication
like this, no objectclasses at all are specified in the replogfile:

replica host=fqdn.mydomain

All the attributes from myObjectClass are left out, but all the other
objectClass: definitions are too.  The attributes are there, just not
the objectClass.

If I try to say "attr!=attributeInMyObjectClass" the replication also
fails because a lot of the attributes in myObjectClass are required.
In that instance it tries to replicate all the right objectClasses,
even myObjectClass.  Adding myObjectClass to the "attr!=" line produces
the same as the first case.

I'd really like to just explicitly exclude this one object class instead
of having to explicitly inlcude all of the others as well the operational

I've been all over the docs and according to everything I have read,
this should work.  I know the updatedn and such are set correctly,
because without any "attr" line, replication works great.

any help would be greatly appreciated,


 Josh Lothian                System Administrator
 lothian@cs.utk.edu        Computer Science Dept.
 865.974.3840          U. of Tennessee, Knoxville