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Re: TLS or plain?

Tuesday, July 22, 2003, 3:34:16 PM, Howard wrote:

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>> Stephen Frost wrote:
>> >
>> > That would be ldaps:// vs. ldap:// with TLS, as I said above, yes.
>> Again you are using TLS as synonym for StartTLS extended
>> operation. This is
>> not correct. TLS is not part of LDAP. StartTLS extended operation is.
>> Yes, I'm nitpicking here. But it's important to correctly
>> sort that out to avoid confusion.

> Yes, that's correct, and I share your need for precision Michael, but please,
> this discussion has been done to death already. Use the mailing list
> archives.

But it still did not answer my original question, how to know that
client connected using encrypted channel or in clear text?