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Re: Error searching DNs with escaped special characters

> Oh, sorry
> I`m running
> OpenLDAP 2.1.16 and 2.1.22
>>And this doesn`t work too!
>>dn: x509issuer=CN=test \22sa\22 sadf\,C=RU,O=ca
> dn: x509issuer=CN=test \5C\22sa\5C\22 sadf\,C=RU,O=ca
> worked but this is wrong !!!

The parsing works correctly:

[ando@nb ldap]$ ./libraries/libldap/dntest 'x509issuer=CN=test \22sa\22
sadf\,C=RU,O=ca' V3 V3,PRETTY
        ldap_rdn2str() = "x509issuer=CN=test \"sa\" sadf\2CC=RU"
        ldap_rdn2str() = "O=ca"

ldap_dn2str(ldap_str2dn("x509issuer=CN=test \22sa\22 sadf\,C=RU,O=ca"))
        = "x509issuer=CN=test \"sa\" sadf\2CC=RU,O=ca"

ldap_dn2domain("x509issuer=CN=test \22sa\22 sadf\,C=RU,O=ca")
        = "(null)"

ldap_dn2ufn("x509issuer=CN=test \22sa\22 sadf\,C=RU,O=ca")
        = "CN=test \22sa\22 sadf\2CC=RU, ca"

ldap_dn2dcedn("x509issuer=CN=test \22sa\22 sadf\,C=RU,O=ca")
        = "/O=ca/x509issuer=CN\=test "sa" sadf\,C\=RU"

ldap_dcedn2dn("/O=ca/x509issuer=CN\=test "sa" sadf\,C\=RU")
        = "x509issuer=CN=test \22sa\22 sadf\2CC=RU,O=ca"

ldap_dn2ad_canonical("x509issuer=CN=test \22sa\22 sadf\,C=RU,O=ca")
        = "ca/CN\=test "sa" sadf\,C\=RU"

ldap_explode_dn("x509issuer=CN=test \"sa\" sadf\2CC=RU,O=ca"):
        "x509issuer=CN=test \22sa\22 sadf\2CC=RU"
        ldap_explode_rdn("x509issuer=CN=test \22sa\22 sadf\2CC=RU")
                'x509issuer=CN=test \22sa\22 sadf\2CC=RU'
        ldap_explode_rdn("x509issuer=CN=test \22sa\22 sadf\2CC=RU") (no
                        "CN=test \22sa\22 sadf\2CC=RU"
        ldap_explode_rdn("O=ca") (no types)

ldap_explode_dn("x509issuer=CN=test \"sa\" sadf\2CC=RU,O=ca") (no types):
        "CN=test \22sa\22 sadf\2CC=RU"

"x509issuer=CN=test \"sa\" sadf\2CC=RU,O=ca"
         == "x509issuer=CN=test \"sa\" sadf\2CC=RU,O=ca" ? yes

but slapd fails because x509issuer is not defined (that's what I got);
did you define that attribute in your system? What definition did you


Pierangelo Masarati