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Re: chinese support in openldap

"Joe Wong" <joewong@tkodog.no-ip.com> writes:

> Hi,
>  I want to add an entry with Chinese ( GB ) in the firstname, sn and cn
> attributes. However, openldap refuse to add it saying "invalid per syntax". I
> think it is because I have defined firstname as IA5String? If so, how can I
> resolve this? when I used the old version of ldapserv ( ldap v2 based ), the
> attributes are automatically base64 encoded by the server. Is this feature
> available in OpenLdap 2.x?

OpenLDAP uses UTF-8 characters only. IA5String is a 1 byte subset of
UTF-8. As GB is a set of multibyte characters you should set the
appropriate Syntax.


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