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Re: Radius Compatibility

Hello Servidores,

Friday, July 18, 2003, 12:58:32 AM, you wrote:

SySdI> Im trying to upgrade an openldap server from the 2.0.27 to the 2.1.22
SySdI> version. Obviously, I had have a lot of problems with the schema, but this
SySdI> one is stopping me much time; actually, Im using a file called
SySdI> radius-ldapv3.schema that works perfectly with radius-cistron-1.6.4 and
SySdI> the openldap server , but now (with the openldap 2.1.22) it is not posible
SySdI> to add the entries with the objectClass radiusProfile.
  There's schema checking 'on' by default in OpenLDAP 2.1.x, maybe
  this is the problem (i mean that with 2.1.x you cannot just add
  entry with all objectClasses that you want to). Any way, in
  attachment there is my (taken from somewhere, i don't remember)
  radius schema and it's working with OpenLDAP 2.1.20 (in this time i'm
  upgrading to .22). And you forgot to say what was the error.

Best regards,
 Alexander                            mailto:lan_mailing@startatom.ru

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