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RE: [ldap] ldapsearch and Active Directory

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From: Andreas [mailto:andreas@conectiva.com.br]
Sent: Thursday, July 17, 2003 12:58 PM
To: Inger, Slav (S.B.)
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Subject: Re: [ldap] ldapsearch and Active Directory
> yes, -C according do ldapsearch --help

Hmm, strange.  I'm running the OpenLDAP client v2.1.12 (supplied with SuSE 8.2), and there isn't a single mention of referrals or -C anywhere in --help or man/info pages.  This must be a new addition (noticed -C in the man page off of openldap.org, which is v2.1.5).

> By default, AD doesn't allow anonymous searches. You would have to configure
> your AD. Or create a specific user just for these searches.

Thanks, I'm going to explore this possibility.

- Slav Inger
- vinger@ford.com