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Re[3]: SASL MD5 - another try

Hello Alexander,

Wednesday, July 16, 2003, 8:30:28 PM, you wrote:

AL>     I put 'loglevel 255' in config - is that ok? I think it's the same
AL>     effect. I have not installed Cyrus-IMAPD. Ok, let's just try to search for
AL>     something.

AL> icarus@root [20:02:00] ~ # ldapsearch -Y DIGEST-MD5 -U lan uid=lan

  OOPS! There was of course 'ldapsearch -x uid=lan' command :)

AL> #
AL> # LDAPv3
AL> # base <> with scope sub
AL> # filter: uid=lan
AL> # requesting: ALL
AL> #

AL> # lan, 33(10), users, startatom.ru
AL> dn: uid=lan,node=33(10),ou=users,dc=startatom,dc=ru
AL> ou: users
AL> displayName:: 0JDQu9C10LrRgdCw0L3QtNGAINCb0YPQvdC10LI=
AL> objectClass: personAccount
AL> uid: lan
AL> mail: lan@startatom.ru
AL> sn:: 0JvRg9C90LXQsg==
AL> givenName:: 0JDQu9C10LrRgdCw0L3QtNGA
AL> middleName:: 0J3QuNC60L7Qu9Cw0LXQstC40Yc=
AL> cn:: 0KHQtdGC0LXQstC+0Lkg0JDQtNC80LjQvdC40YHRgtGA0LDRgtC+0YA=
AL> building: 19
AL> room: 205
AL> floor: 2
AL> phone: 7923
AL> dialupAccess: 1
AL> proxyAccess: 1
AL> departmentNumber: 33
AL> boss:
AL> node: 33(10)

AL> # search result
AL> search: 2
AL> result: 0 Success

AL> # numResponses: 2    
AL> # numEntries: 1

AL>   In that entry also exists attribute 'userPassword', but we're
AL>   restricted by ACL from reading it as anonymous, part of ACL is:

Best regards,
 Alexander                            mailto:lan_mailing@startatom.ru