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SASL MD5 - another try

Hello openldap-software,

  I'm still don't get it. Let's play it step by step.

  1. Install Cyrus-SASL 2.1.13 with default options in configure (not me,
     it's port in FreeBSD).
  2. Install OpenLDAP 2.1.21 with --enable-sasl option in configure
     (also port).
  3. Configure slapd.conf and add proper sasl-regexp option.
  4. Get LDAP database filled.
  5. Then i'm trying to bind to LDAP with -Y DIGEST-MD5 and result same as before
     - logs are growing fast with "daemon: select timeout - yielding"
     entry. And that's all.

  I dreaming to get some error that you people have - but i've got
  only that "select timeout" and nobody seems to know what is

  The questions are:

  1. Is SASL really works with LDAP (stupid question? i don't think so)?
  2. Do i need to config SASL in some way?
  3. Do i need to compile ldapdb auxprop plugin for SASL?
  4. Can anyone if you have SASL & LDAP working together write some
     small step by step howto?

Best regards,
Alexander                          mailto:lan_mailing@startatom.ru