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cn.gdbm getting huge on master


I have a curious problem, searched the mailing list, and could not find 
anything remotely similar.

I have openldap-2.0.27 running on a redhat-7x box, (using rpm, because I
am lazy) with 5 slaves.  Replication is working great. One day, one of the
slaves stopped replicating, so I copied the .gdbm files from the master to 
the slave and restarted everything to get it back in sync. Searches on the 
slave now were taking ~60 seconds, where they take >1 on all the others 
(master and slaves)

As it turned out, the cn.gdbm file on the master had grown very large. It 
was 182M on the master, but on all the slaves, this file was only 33MB. 
The other files (id2entry.gdbm, mail.gdbm, objectClass.gdbm, dn2id.gdbm,  
mailAlternateAddress.gdbm, nextid.gdbm, uid.gdbm) were identical. So, I 
just copied the gdbm files from one of the other slaves and I was in good 
shape. I imagine I never noticed the slowdown on the master since it has 
much more memory, but I am a bit troubled by how this file has gotten so 
huge, and is not replicated out to the slaves. There doesn't seem to be 
any extra information on the master either, ran slapcat on the master and 
the slaves and compared the output and they were identical. Anyone ever 
see this problem?