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Re: Alternate names in certificates

On Thu, 10 Jul 2003, Dave Horsfall wrote:

> > subjectAltName=DNS:ldap.example.com,DNS:ldap.au.example.com,DNS:server.example.com
> A thousand blessings, Quanah; that is exactly what I was after!

And following some experiments, if you have a boat-load of servers and
don't feel like editing openssl.cnf each time (or keeping multiple
copies), the following works:

openssl.cnf (say just before v3_req):

  [ local_host1 ]

  [ local_host2 ]

Then hack the CA script (or write yer own) to say:

  -extensions $local

and pass say "local_host2" as $local.

What will *not* work, apparently, is having the extension in the client
configuration file; the CA has to be told to insert it, and this is where
the messiness starts.

There's probably better ways, but this one works (for me, anyway).

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