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Re: Opinion requested: LDAP Administration clients

Gary Richardson wrote:
I find that this browser is great, except it does not work properly with
groupOfNames objects.

1. I always recommend to write your administration app meeting exactly your needs. It's normally not so much effort to write a small web app in <name your favourite scripting language here>.

2. However you could check out the group administration feature of http://www.web2ldap.de. You can maintain group entries with DN stored in an arbitrary member attribute (e.g. user DN stored in groupOfNames/member) or an arbitrary attribute value stored in the group's member attribute (e.g. uid stored in posixGroup/memberUid). This can be configured. You can even do exotic things like maintaining groups in Tibco Portal with that.

See (bookmarkable) example (hope Stig don't mind ;-):

Being the author I'm biased off course.

Ciao, Michael.