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Re: Changing maximun number of locker entries

Howard Chu wrote:

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From: jehan procaccia [mailto:jehan.procaccia@int-evry.fr]

Howard Chu wrote:

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This *may* be one of those parameters that are only taken

into account

when creating a new database...

Yes. Stop slapd, then run db_recover; that will remove the current
environment. The next time slapd starts the new setting will

take effect.

-- Howard Chu

Where is define "the environement" ? in each of the .bdb file ? db_recover resets it ? there's no harm running db_recover at any time ?
I did it while slapd was running ... then environement seemed to desepear/trash??

What part of "Stop slapd, then run db_recover" did you not understand?

Indeed, I read too fast ! my fault :-)
I just stop/start slapd again and everything runs fine, even db_* utilities works again.

However, for my personnal understanding, have you an answer to:

Where is define "the environement", in each of the .bdb file ?
db_recover resets it ?
When the database environement is opened ? during slapadd and not at every slapd restart ?

thanks a lot .

-- Howard Chu
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