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Re: Problem starting OpenLDAP as service

Log used to be c:\openldap.log or the file of the same name in
the working directory.

Sarah Burke wrote:
          Hi all,
I am having trouble getting OpenLDAP to start as a service.
I am not starting slapd on the default port, so I am using a registry entry, 'Urls' to set a new port.
As soon as I set this, I am unable to start slapd as a service.
I am able to start slapd via command line.
As soon as I perform a re-boot, it will then start as a service.
I know that I am reading my registry entries, because when I start slapd via comand line, it runs on my new port.
Can anyone help??
Also, I have also added the 'DebugLevel' registry parameter.  Where does this log too???