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Re: silent modifications.

This would be a violation of the LDAP model which enforces that the last modification date of an entry is maintained.
If you add an attribute, you're changing the entry thus this makes the latest change in your entry.

There is no way to do what you want without exporting the data to LDIF, apply the changes to the LDIF file and reloading the LDIF.


Dominique Lalot wrote:


I would like to find a way for executing scripts:

What I mean is that, each time you modofy an entry, slapd is updating modifytimestamp and modifyersname.
I would like to be able sometimes to run a script to add an attributes and so modify a lot of entries.
Using the normal way, I will lost all the operational informations. Is there a way to avoid it?.
Running slapd with an option?.
Using a special bind?.

Thanks in adavance