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On Wed, 2 Jul 2003, Pierre Burri wrote:

> Just a confirmation of what Kent says. I have also tried to put the client 
> certificate declaration in ldap.conf and gut TLS errors. After puting them in 
> /home/username/.ldaprc , everything worked fine.
> Another thing about SSL/TLS. I don't know either this client freeradius. 
> The client "gq" which is excellent doesn't work with SSL but works very well 
> with TLS. Are you sure freeradius works with SSL, did you try with TLS (Port 
> 389 + some TLS switch) ?

freeRADIUS 0.8.1 plus TLS works fine here in a test implementation with
OpenLDAP 2.1.17 running under RedHat Linux 7.2.

The 'ldap' clause in our /etc/raddb/radiusd.conf contains:

    ldap {
	server = "test_ldap.owu.edu"
	basedn = "ou=TestAccounts,dc=owu,dc=edu"
	filter =
	start_tls = yes
	tls_mode = no  
	timeout = 4  
	timelimit = 3
	net_timeout = 1

Kirk Turner-Rustin
Ohio Wesleyan University