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RE: TLS/SSL & load-balanced servers

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> Hello,
> I just ran into an interesting issue using TLS connections &
> load-balanced
> servers.  Basically, each of our servers has its own cert
> (ldap#.stanford.edu).  If I perform a search against the
> load-balanced name
> (ldap.stanford.edu), ldapsearch fails, noting that the names
> don't match.
> Is there an easy fix for this, or do I need to get an
> "ldap.stanford.edu"
> cert that each of the servers uses?  And, will that even work inside
> OpenLDAP?

This topic has come up before on this list. You need to add an X509v3
extension to your certs, subjectAltName, that lists valid aliases for the
servers. E.g., add subjectAltName=DNS:ldap.stanford.edu.


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