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RE: mapping one search to another

My understanding is that padl nss_ldap doesn't yet support
automount, but that there is an automnounter out there
for linux that supports ldap, which presumably doesn't
go via nss.
ps. cheer up - you have all weekend to work on it. ;)
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> Sent: 27 June 2003 14:49
> To: Smith, Steve
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> Subject: RE: mapping one search to another
> oh dear...
> having battled with this for a while and got sol9 to get its automount
> info from nisMap instead of automount I turn my attention to Linux. A
> good google soon lets me know that Linux too likes to use
> objectclass=automount type schema... this doesnt even come with
> openldap2.1.21 and the padl migration tools use the older
> objectclass=nisObject type stuff... add to this, I cant find any
> reference to schemamapping for Linux except in the (padl)ldap.conf eg
> nss_base_foo ou=bar except guess what? no parameter for automount.
> not so worry - i'm sure another half day googling for the right schema
> will turn it up... then another day or so constructing the ldif files
> from NIS... and I still cant support all of sol8 sol9 and 
> linux clients.
> heehee! pass the straightjacket...
> sorry - its friday.
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> Greg Matthews
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