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* Turbo Fredriksson (turbo@bayour.com) wrote:
>     Quanah> I will note that for the servers, you will want to compile
>     Quanah> them against Heimdal K5 and NOT MIT Kerberos V5 if you are
>     Quanah> using threads, as your servers will not be stable
>     Quanah> otherwise. ;) For clients, it doesn't really matter too
>     Quanah> much.
> There's no WAY i'm switching to KTH kerberos! Not for 'sentimental' or
> or other 'strange' :) reasons. I'm not going to rebuild my WHOLE site,
> with lots of users, usage etc, etc. It will take WAY to much time, effort
> and most of all MONEY to switch.
> It's just not a viable option if you think of it...

Just as a note on this, threadsafety has been brought up the MIT folks
and they have said they will work on having it in 1.4, iirc.


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