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Re: TLS-based authentication?

Hi Stephen,

After setting up my server and clients to provide TLS/SSL connections, I
went about setting up SASL and the EXTERNAL mechanism to use the same
configuration to authenticate the client.  I have LDAP clients working from
command line and I'm close to having it work from inside my app
(ldap_sasl_interactive_bind_s() using EXTERNAL).

I suggest to anyone else who tries this to upgrade to SASLv2 and the latest

Kent Soper

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Hey all,

  Any of you folks using TLS-based authentication?  Where you're
  actually using TLS to perform your authentication to slapd?  (Not just
  encryption and whanot).

  The reason I ask is that it would be difficult to support that using
  GNU TLS in place of OpenSSL and we're wondering how much interest
  there is for it.



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