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Re: problem with replication when adding a new entry

ian logan,

thank you for your reply, I think it's not the case as you said, I used a
multi-master replication, so updatedn & updateref is not neccessary.
if I remove those internal attributes , then replication goes well.
another problem is, if I offered multiple objectclass in the replogfile,
then slave shows "entry has multiple obje ctClass attributes", if there is
multiple attributes, such as "cn=w1", "cn=w2", slave shows "attribute 'cn'
provided more than once".

I do really not know what's the problem. and how could i do!!!

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From: "ian logan" <ian@nmsu.edu>
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Sent: Friday, June 20, 2003 9:19 PM
Subject: Re: problem with replication when adding a new entry

> Hello,
> Make sure you have the updatedn set on your slave server. If it is not
> set correctly,
> then slapd will refuse to allow setting operational attributes.
> It should be set to the same DN as slurpd is using to connect to the
> slave.
> Ian
> On Thursday, June 19, 2003, at 11:08 PM, alexela_1999 wrote:
> > hi,everybody,
> >
> > I configured replication between two servers. but when I adding a new
> > entry,
> > slurpd reports an error "Constraint violation". follow the transfering
> > data,
> > I found "structuralObjectClass:no user modification allowed" etc. this
> > is
> > caused by replogfile when slapd writes replica data to it. slapd
> > writes all
> > attributes internal of this new entry such as "structuralObjectclass,
> > entryUUID" etc. I remove them from replogfile, and then start slurpd,
> > add
> > operation will be successful. anybody has encountered this problem?!
> > is this
> > a bug of slapd?!
> >
> >