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Re: problem with replication when adding a new entry

Make sure you have the updatedn set on your slave server. If it is not set correctly,
then slapd will refuse to allow setting operational attributes.

It should be set to the same DN as slurpd is using to connect to the slave.

On Thursday, June 19, 2003, at 11:08 PM, alexela_1999 wrote:


I configured replication between two servers. but when I adding a new entry,
slurpd reports an error "Constraint violation". follow the transfering data,
I found "structuralObjectClass:no user modification allowed" etc. this is
caused by replogfile when slapd writes replica data to it. slapd writes all
attributes internal of this new entry such as "structuralObjectclass,
entryUUID" etc. I remove them from replogfile, and then start slurpd, add
operation will be successful. anybody has encountered this problem?! is this
a bug of slapd?!