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SASL/GSSAPI Replication Question

I'm setting up replication between a master and slave (v 2.1.19) and attempting
to use SASL/GSSAPI for slurpd to bind to the slave.  The problem I am having
is that the slave is passing a referral back to the master.  I have replication
working fine with other slaves via "bindmethod=simple".

The master is "houuc8.hst.moc.com", the slave is "denu101.den.moc.com". The
kerberos principal I am trying to use for replication is 
"ldap_repl/houuc8.hst.moc.com@MOC.COM".  I am only trying to use kerberos
for replication (for now).

In the master slapd.conf I have:
replica host=denu101.den.moc.com:389 tls=critical
 bindmethod=sasl saslmech=GSSAPI

In the slave slapd.conf I have:
rootdn	"uid=ldap_repl/houuc8.hst.moc.com,cn=MOC.COM,cn=GSSAPI,cn=auth"
updatedn	"uid=ldap_repl/houuc8.hst.moc.com,cn=MOC.COM,cn=GSSAPI,cn=auth"
updateref	ldap://houuc8.hst.moc.com

I am assuming my confusion is with the syntax in my slave slapd.conf.

Any pointers?